Dato’ Norman Pang – Founder of NPG

Dato’ Norman Pang, born in Malaysia, is currently the founder and chief executive officer of the NPG agency group.

Norman Pang is not a rich second generation born with a golden spoon, has no prominent family background, and is not highly educated. He can have today’s achievements, wealth, and status, all from his filial piety, clear goals, self-motivated, willingness to The positive thinking of climbing low. In those years, he was only 18 years old to enter the entrepreneurial road, stumbled all the way through the many wind and rain, thorns and thorns of life. Even if he had suffered failures, was cheated, and owed RM300,000 in debt due to the stocks being burnt, However, he did not stop running or flinching. Instead, he calmly responded, braved the battle, and waited for the day. In 2012, the organization’s performance exceeded RM30 million in FYP, breaking Malaysia’s life insurance record. Norman Pang won the championship with less than 40 years of young
qualifications. He is doing organization and personal sales together, so that the individual has completed 11 MDRTs and 1 COT!
Under the leadership of Norman Pang, NPG became the life insurance organization with the fastest growth and highest productivity in the life insurance industry. He not only won the Platinum Award and Outstanding Manager’s Champion of the International Dragon Award for the World Chinese Insurance Conference for 6 consecutive years, but also won 6 consecutive awards. Horse Life Insurance Organization Champion, 5 times “All-Union Organization Champion”, Malaysian Allianz Life Insurance Company’s championship organization for eight consecutive years. In the insurance field for 24 years, Norman Pang devoted his whole life to the career he loved. He not only passed the success to NPG comrades but also passed on to the world. He began to be invited by life insurance companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan to teach classes, lecturers, and consultants in the local community. As a result, he became famous internationally. The outside world even called him “Asia Life Insurance King”. Norman Pang always believed that it is not enough for him to make progress. Therefore, he passed personal success through various social media including Facebook, Facebook Live interactive platform, Weibo, Wechat, Instagram, and blogs.
1 st book- Norman Pang’s Power
2 nd book – Thinking And Attitude
3 rd book- Norman’s Art of Success
4 th book- Norman’s Art of Success

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Dato' is a traditional Malay honorific title commonly used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Its variant is Datuk.