Dato’ Michael Tio – CEO of PKT Logistics Group

Dato’ Michael Tio Boon Yiaw is a Malaysia entrepreneur. Most commonly known as “DMT”, he is the Managing Director & Group Chief Executive of PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd (PKT)

A multi-million logistic company based in Shah Alam. To many, Dato’ Michael Tio is a modern socially conscious and humble business magnate. He is known to maintain a low and humble profile for a person of his stature.
Dato’ Michael Tio is a graduate from University of Hull (England) with a Bachelor’s of Accountancy and he further attended University of Reading as a post graduate student in International Finance. At a young age, Dato Michael Tio used to export luxury cars back to Malaysia to be sold as re-conditioned cars. At just the age of 18, the young Dato’ Michael Tio has exported his first car and was earning himself a lucrative income every month subsequently.

Dato’ Michael Tio

Dato Michael Tio has embarked his passion to build a logistics based university in Malaysia which has its own signature call The Lighthouse Campus and The Ship Campus. On the 9th October 2013, ALC College, a subsidiary company of PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd had officially signed MOI (Memorandum of Intent) for a wide spectrum of collaborations with University of Hull (United Kingdom) witnessed by YAB Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba, Chairman of ALC College and Dato Michael Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group.
Dato Michael Tio’s innovative administrative style earns himself a name as “Modern CEO”. This involves the implementation of a facebook compulsory company where, in PKT, every staff is required to be a facebook army. Dato Michael Tio regularly rewards his top management staff by taking them along to world’s most luxury and exotic holidays such as “Chasing Over The Great Migration” in Kenya and Tanzania , Midnight Sun Alaska Cruise and Rocky Mountain Self Drive and the recent Wonders Of The World trip to South American countries.

PKT Group

Dato’ Michael Tio has his personal quote, “Dream of It, Talk about It, Plan for It, Work on It and Get It!”
Dato’ Michael Tio’s 3 commandments of doing business: “Thou shall not be jealous of other’s success”, “Thou shall learn from them and be appreciative”, “Thou shall give back to society when thou is successful without asking something back in return.”


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Dato' is a traditional Malay honorific title commonly used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Its variant is Datuk.